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Hi Everyone, Read This

Hey folks,

This is Jacob Harding at Dennis Dillon Rv in Westminster CA. Just wanted to reach out to you all with a friendly reminder to make sure you check out "Camping Lifestyles" at Its full of helpful RV Safety tips, Buying tips, basically anything, regarding; Traveling, RV'ing, Technical support with lighting quick responses to help make sure every vacation runs as smooth as possible..I Just got back from a fun local trip to the Oasis Rv Resort in Bullhead City Az., then went on to win a Royal Flush at the Riverside Hotel in Laughlin.... What a cool feeling! Anyone wanna tell me about their Royal Flush story? Email me. We then rented a Boat and took a nice hour ride to the Avi Resort from Davies Camp. We had a blast!! Unfortunately only got to enjoy 4 days. But that's all it took for me to come back refreshed ready to work.. Watch one of my videos and please contact me if you're ready to get out there and start enjoying the Camping Lifestyles! Everyone could use a getaway or a nice family vacation. When that time comes think of me i'm here for you all.

Find me on Facebook "Camping Lifestyles"

Jacob Harding 949-903-5253

Thank You,

Jacob Harding

Camping Lifestyles

Mike Thompson Rv

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