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Beach Life- Laguna Beach CA

Hi my name is Dr. Ken Sterling! Jacob asked me to write a short story on how my trip down to Laguna beach went. He recomended this gorgeous place to me being from Northern California. I had few RV questions and just wanted a little info on some cool sites to see. Jacob was more then helpful as he was like my trip adviser/ RV tech. I ended up meeting with Jacob as I arrived to Orange County. We went out to lunch to a wonderful place right by the pier in Newport Beach. He and his wife insisted my wife and I must go down and see this beach in Laguna. As we end our wonderful lunch, my wife and i start the short drive to Laguna. When the engine of my old Shasta Motorhome starting smoking. Who do you think I called? YES Jacob Harding!! He made sure this didnt ruin our trip.. We diccused options. I said I just want to buy a new one. Think anyone will take this on trade? Jokingly! When Jacob replys let me see what I can do. My wife and I are trying to stay possitive expecting the worse. Jacob responds with I have an idea. Showed me a pic of a awesome motorhome with the same layout and got them to take ours in on trade and only a couple thousand dollars out of pocket with payments very close to the same as our old RV. Now we have our new Forest River Forester we love even more and didnt even have to deal with getting the engine fixed. Couple hrs later we are off to the beach when after something like that you think you day/ trip is completely ruined. But thanks to Jacob Harding with "Camping Lifestyles" we are right back on track.. Thank You Jacob! You saved our trip!

Dr. Ken Sterling, MD

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